#TheResusTEEWorkshop Montreal 2019

The fourth and fifth #TheResusTEEWorkshop courses of 2019 (1st Canadian editions!) were held last week in Montreal, Canada.

A total of 42 participants over the 2 course days completed the 8-hour course and learnt the fundamentals of #ResusTEE.

Course faculty included 10 expert educators from USA and Canada. Course core faculty Bret Nelson (Emergency Medicine), Frances Mae West (Intensive Care), James Horowitz (Cards / Intensive Care), Katie Burns (Emergency Medicine) and Felipe Teran (Emergency Medicine), were joined by an allstar team of canadian faculty including professors: Andre Denault (Cardiac Anesthesiology / Intensive Care), Laura Duggan (Cardiac Anesthesiology), Phillip St Arnaud (Emergency Medicine / Intensive Care), and Tom Jelic (Emergency Medicine).

Thanks to all participants for joining us, our partner Heartworks by Intelligent Ultrasound for powering us with Bodyworks Eve and our 2019 sponsors Fujifilm Sonosite and Philips for making it possible.

The next stop will be the last scheduled workshop of 2019 being held in NYC.

See you there!.

Felipe Teran